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*"Hey Little Girl Comb Your Hair Fix Your Make-Up"...*
..Soon He Will Open the Door.
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11th-Jul-2005 12:09 pm - Van Halen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

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Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:Van Halen
Are you male or female:Beautiful Girls
Describe yourself:There's Only One Way to Rock
How do some people feel about you:Pretty Woman....yeah Im sure
How do you feel about yourself:Good Enough
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:Hang Em High
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:Unchained
Describe where you want to be:Panama/1984
Describe what you want to be:Ice Cream Man
Describe how you live:Happy Trails
Describe how you love:Learning to See
Share a few words of wisdomFinish What Ya Started

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22nd-May-2005 05:20 pm - Thee Collage!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

Well thats enough pics for one day! Comments por favor!
22nd-May-2005 01:41 pm - Dance Recital/Lots o Pics!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

Yesterday was Sika's 05 Recital. Man it was flippin fun!! I danced the best I ever danced and hung with lots of cool people. Wish I could have gotten more pics of the groups but once I get the DVD I can post some. Heres a few quick ones I got up in the dressing rooms. Great job all who danced!

Dress Reherasal night with some creepy make-up on. Very anti smile

Ooh some costumes!


Along with Jessi's "stuff"

Hailey you know theres not supposed to be any large food items up in the dressing rooms!

Hair before its UP!Annnd after its UP!

Cindy! Shes so cute! Hope shes in our company next year...

Some Pink Ladies...Cindy and Alicia

Chelby--Shes crazy! "Some retard kid named Lonnie...."

The After party with Nick and Mindy!

Well thats it---BIG COLLAGE on the next post along with more pics! No more dance =("Jump and Jive in 2005!!!


18th-May-2005 04:18 pm - Assignment for English
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.
Honors English kids....what is the assignemnt? I dont even get it. And I am not even kidding you...
12th-May-2005 09:44 pm - Tennis on my mind...
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

Whys this thing BLURRY? OR IS IT?

  • Jeffey-Up close and personal
  • John-So dumb he didnt know he was on camera
  • Renee-Just plain oriental
  • Jimmy-The 3 foot thug
  • Julie- she shut her eyes but shes still hilarious!
  • James-His love for hakey sack will never die
  • Cathryn-The fashionista...<3 the track jacket
  • Jen/Liz-Liz being anti smile but a very pretty pic of Jen
  • Robert-Yeah hes Hollister wearing and workin and hott!
  • Andrea-Softball is her game
  • Brenden/Jared- Dont know any Spanish
  • Josh-Hes not as innocent as he looks =)


I wish I could go to ChemiStRyLaNd....

11th-May-2005 08:01 pm(no subject)
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.
Ok I need some help puttin the pics on here. I have the camera into the USB port and all and I know how to load them onto the computer. But is there anyway that is quick to get them on here? Do I have to save every individual image and then load it to photobucket?
9th-May-2005 03:42 pm - My BiRthDaY!!!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.


  • I got a DIGITAL CAMERA! WHOO HOO! Took some tight pics today. Will post later.
  • Cathryn-Thanks for everything!! Brownies=Good! Except I gave ALOT away... 
  • Softball tonight! Heck yah!
  • Congrats to everyone who made the 2005 CoLoRguARd!
  • Catcher In The Rye RULES!! lol
  • Thanks to all who wished me a good one.
3rd-May-2005 04:22 pm - A Survey
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.
This survey was created by one of my friends whose name wont be mentioned because of obvious reasons...place an X next to the guys on the baseball team that are good lookin. You can do it anonymously if you want.

Jared Evans-
Nate Carlson-
David Goven-
Matt Brigendahl-
Nick Gereaux-
BJ Gould-
Tyler Pitts-
Josh Somerville-
Nick Singerling-
Robbie Guikema-
Mike Gramza-
Steven Johnston-
Kevin Long-
Josh Herrick-
Kyle Nichols-
Drew Beckeman-
Jared Molhoek-
2nd-May-2005 03:57 pm - I <3 Louis Vuitton
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

Oh man I cant belive I found this picture! I want everything Vuitton!!!!!

This Purse!

This Purse!


Multicolore Open-Toe Mule 9cmAND THESE!

I <3 LV!!!


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