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9th-May-2007 03:54 pm - Why the Hell is My LJ Font SO BIG?!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

So I am Seventeen today. I already miss sixteen but I must say the year was filled with too many things I cannot wait to discard out of my memory. Okay, things were not really that bad but I am glad that the year is gone and I have the opportunity to pursue another year of my life. As a matter of fact, the official last year of my childhood. 

Today was nothing more than amazing. Wonderful friends brought me wonderful gifts and my mom surprised me with more things than I needed. I am currently waiting to go to I H O P tonight where I will hopefully indulge in some decadent banana caramel stuffed french toast! It ended up being a sunny day out despite the morning showers. I like to think it cleared up just to make me smile and I must say it sure has. With all the trees and flowers in bloom it seems all too perfect.

School has been just okay this year. Too much immaturity for this lovely lady to handle but it has only made me appreciate who I am more and more each day. It is always reassuring to know we only have about four weeks left until summer. It should be fantastic and filled with innumeous fun things. 

The only thing that is not so great right now is my whole "urinating issue" or as Anatomy kids might refer to it as "micturation issue". Last week I had the kidney ultrasound and they came back normal but my regular doctor is persistent on doing more than that so tomorrow I am going to the urologist to undergo further study and/or treatment. Other than that, I am excellent, healthy, and trying to keep my activity level up.

You know what? I am happy to be me!
29th-Jul-2006 07:32 pm - Day After Pre-Camp
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.


I call this "Day After Yesterday"                                      I call this "Lindsay is so damn stupid" haha

I took this picture today so you could see how dark I am. Sorry for the extremely poor posture. I am going to be dark BLACK next week! YES! I hear Mark (Boss?) called me "Black Tan". Sweet. All I know is after next week I'm going to have to smile at night so you are able to see me. Started packing for band camp tonight. It is going to be h e l l a   h o t . 

100,000=Number of times he will most likely look at me (heh had to put that)
10,000+ =Number of total miles we were will cover marching
7,000=Number of push-ups guard will have to do for various activity
234=Number of times Hodson will say "One More Time", but never actually mean it
130=Gallons of water we are going to need but probably won't get
125=Number of hours of heat, blood, sweat, weapons, guys, and pain we will endure
86=Number of times Bobby will say "FREAKIN' FIERCE" (the most overused quote ever)
50=SPF Minimum
46=Hodson's age.
23=Number of babies that will be thrown to us at Saturday's performance (not really)
11=Number of laps the guard will do for giving attitudeby
1=The lucky winner of the grand march-off.

I sound like such a nerd. See you Monday children of Hodson's!

9th-May-2006 08:22 pm - Birthday!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

.:+Happy Happy HAPPY 16th Birthday To Me!+:.

Today was an AMAZING day. I couldn't have asked for anything more than what was given to me. I realized that life is so precious when you are able to share it with magnificent friends, and an amorous family. I value it so much and I wish I could show more gratitude toward everyone who helped make my day (and any other for that matter) the best possible.

SpRinG is HERE!
Relax, Breathe, Enjoy, Smile, Stop and literally smell the roses, Laugh, Play, Drink Lemonade, Exercise, Wear something BRIGHT, Write in PINK
ink, Enjoy Tropical music, Make someone SMILE, O p e n the windows, and most importantly COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!
           Spring Life is Beautiful.

Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

There are two voices in this world that weaken my soul: those belonging to Robert Plant and Bono (of U2). Sitting at this point in time unaccompanied I have just realized how passionate I have become about Led Zeppelin. I’m not talking about the type of obsession women get when they hear males chanting appalling songs such as “Laffy Taffy” that do not have utterly one iota of meaning. I’m talking about pure composition that can make you break down and cry. Robert Plant’s voice has got to be without hesitation the most prized voice of all time.  These past couple months, I have only grown from Zeppelin’s many songs overflowing with insight. Stairway to Heaven I could just listen to for hours on end. The lyrics, oh my God, are unbelievable. I remember the first time I heard it I was so blown away by the echoes of the voices…(Plant’s wail is a wonder of the world in itself), the chords, Jimmy Page’s guitar, John Paul Jones’s insane performance, and Bonzo’s wild drums that that night I went home, memorized all 8 minutes worth of music, and got tears in my eyes because it was all so beautiful. Just beautiful.


I want this shirt like mad. Houses of the Holy of course =)

Women's: Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy T-Shirt

~So how is my new layout?-it’s full fledged Zeppelin

~All A’s this semester. No complaints there.

~85 pairs of earrings and the number continues to rise…

"No, I've never thought that I was gay. And that's not something you think. It's something you know.-Robert Plant


"You might as well learn about sex from Motley Crue than your parents because it's a lot more interesting!"-Nikki Sixx

18th-Dec-2005 01:19 pm - I Love LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.
Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough.
You are diplomatic, objective, and live in the present.
You are not very reserved, impatient, self-confident and fond of action.
You like standing out and making sure that people know your mind.

Wow these results seem to be extremely true even though I couldn't write it out so well...
5th-Sep-2005 08:49 pm - Summer '05 is Over. It was good
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

I’m almost in tears as I write this last entry of the summer. The is sun has almost set and everything just so quiet, and it has finally hit me that summer is over and there’s no going back. There is no denying how wonderful this summer was and that I have absolutely no desire to return to school. I’m not ready for change, I don’t want things to be different. If there is one place I can’t stand it’s school, filled with gossiping girls, immature guys, and fakes everywhere. It hasn’t even started and I want it to be over. So much happened this summer that I won’t ever forget. Call me crazy but I have a whole LIST of everything I did everyday this summer. I changed in a lot of ways and I’m happy about them. I’m happy that Autumn and I are super close again and I feel like she is the one person that I can be myself around and talk to about anything. Don’t get me wrong I had a good time with other friends, but there is something about Autumn’s crazy family that noone else can ever compare with. THANKS AUTUMN aka HOMA DA GOOD BUGER =) FANTASTICCollapse )

And that’s just SOME of the great things. I’ll have a pic update soon when I get the KC and GW photos back. I have also decided I want to live at the beach. I don’t want to be inside everyday anymore unless it’s going to be at Barnes and Noble. This year is going to be such a big change. Be ready because I’m not caring who says what or does what anymore. I’m going to be who I am as an individual and not as part of the big crowd. That’s boring. Expect to be treated the way you treat me because I am tired of people bitching at me when I have done nothing but nice things for them, and if you don’t like it, then change yourself because I am tired of people (I think I could name a good number) that walk allover me. Anyways, to end this all up, it was truly the perfect summer. Couldn’t have asked for better weather, a better tan, or a better life. The hardest part of summer was honestly was letting go of my brother. He means so much to me and to watching him get married was like saying good-bye to him forever. Sometimes I lie in bed and just wish things could go back to the way they were 10 years ago, where we all lived in the same house. I hate change. Oh, and I wish I could have talked to Cody more too. Now he’s gone. I seem to lose everything at the same time. But I am not going to focus on the bad things in life anymore. Life is too good to sit around dwelling. You gotta take it easy, and take it as it is dished out. God isn’t going to give you more than you can handle. LiFe Is GoOd!!

Good Bye Summer ‘05. All things must pass......

15th-Aug-2005 07:07 pm - 350 PEOPLE FOR THE WEDDING!! WOW!
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.

The wedding was an absolute BLAST! Probably the most fun wedding I have ever been to! Not just because of Cody or being that it was my brother’s, but there was just soo much to do! The weather was PERFECT, the dance floor was always full, and everyone looked GORGEOUS! Of course Mindy looked the best, but I think every bridesmaid, groomsman, and family member looked phenominal. I had a blast partying it up with AUTUMN! We danced tons and made some good memories. We got great pictures before the wedding...almost every combination...I can’t wait to get the ones of Cody escorting me down the aisle! They better be good! I cried once during the ceremony because I thought about the fact that I’m all by myself now. After that, the whole bridal party got on this BIG Pioneer Resources bus (it was hilarious) and most people were getting a bit drunk lol, (Cody, Butch, and I got to share some melon Boone’s Farm..YUM) but it was ok...then we went to Pier Marquette for some beach photos which turned out very nice! Then we had to wait until 6 for the reception because they were bar hoppin, but I got to be escorted in by CoDy for about the 10th time! We had some good food, mingled a bit, and DANCED the rest of the night...it was AmAzInG.

I really hope Nick and Mindy stay together. They are a beautiful couple with such loving families! I’m so proud to have them a part of my life I cannot even describe it. Nick could possibly be the most fun, energetic guy on this Earth! Mindy is just gorgeous but she is just so sweet. No one can compare to her. I love ALL my family!Most have never been up here before and being with my cousins etc. makes me so HaPpY. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

13th-Aug-2005 10:38 am(no subject)
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.




31st-Jul-2005 07:19 pm(no subject)
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.



Lol...Jessi =)


14th-Jul-2005 03:05 pm(no subject)
Dan Radcliffe is fcuking hot.



I LOVE U2!!!!


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